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Track & Trace
Track & Trace
joint venture of
independent transport and
distribution companies in the Benelux


The Corona virus is increasingly spread in the Netherlands. Various national and international authorities have determined that it constitutes a real health threat. Contamination is only possible from person to person and not from packages or goods.

Within TransMission we take the advice and signals seriously and therefore strictly follow the guidelines issued by RIVM. This is because the health of our employees and customers is our number one priority, in order to prevent contamination and limit spread.

TransMission has therefore taken the following measures:

  • Strict follow-up of the advice given by RIVM
  • Request attention from all personnel regarding hygiene and cleanliness
  • Provide sufficient resources to maintain (personal) hygiene
  • Follow the instructions that apply within the area of ​​our customers
  • Daily update of the measures to be taken


Following the guidelines that the government requires of us and the measures taken by companies and individuals lead to consequences in a number of areas, which we ask you to take into account. Relating to the following:

  • Drivers no longer ask you to sign off at the hand terminal, but sign off for you with a name or characteristic that you specify. The drawing location is recorded via our GPS
  • Due to the various measures that the companies have taken, loading and unloading times are longer than usual, so delays may occur
  • Many companies are closed due to government measures. We ask you as a shipper to check whether companies are open, to prevent us from coming to the door for nothing.
  • Due to the risks, workplace deliveries are not possible
  • If goods cannot be delivered, they will be returned to you after 2-5 days. This is to prevent the build-up of goods at our depots, but also to give you the opportunity to repurpose these goods
  • Our depots also have to deal with the loss of employees who (must) stay at home as a precaution. This can lead to capacity problems in distribution, longer waiting times for telephone inquiries and other delays
  • If possible, we will receive your questions by email as much as possible


In this way, TransMission relies on limiting risks and minimizing disappointments.