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Track & Trace
Track & Trace
van zelfstandige transport- en
distributiebedrijven in de Benelux

Wanneer wordt de zending geleverd?

TransMission is specialized in 24-hour distribution across the Netherlands and Belgium. We deliver within 48 hours to the Wadden Islands, Zeelandic Flanders and Luxemburg. We make our deliveries on work days between 8 am and 5 pm.

Go to Track & Trace and fill in the unique shipment number and the delivery postcode. You will immediately get information about the delivery time.

Wat gebeurt er als de zending niet kan worden afgeleverd?

Sometimes a delivery cannot be made because of exceptional circumstances, such as shop closure, business closure, absence of residents or a wrong address. In those cases we will leave a card in the consignee’s letterbox with the request to make a new delivery appointment within 5 days. We will redeliver the shipment again for free. If we do not receive a reply, we will return the shipment free of charge.

Wat gebeurt er als de ontvanger de zending weigert?

If your shipment is rejected, we will ask you to set up a new delivery date. If that is successful, we will deliver the second time free of charge. If the shipment is rejected again, we will return it to you within 3 days for a fee.

Hoe zit het met handtekeningen voor ontvangst?

Each shipment is treated as a registered item. That means that your clients sign to acknowledge receipt. This prevents any uncertainty about the delivery of your shipments. You can request the signed confirmation of receipt from the nearest partner. A fee might apply. You can request the receipt free of charge through Track & Trace on this website.

Kunnen relaties de zendingen ook afhalen?

If you indicate this when sending your shipment, we will store it carefully in the correct conditions in one of our storage spaces. Your clients can collect your shipments from the nearest partner.